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Children at an Oxfam-supported community school in Kitwe, Zambia, improvise their own style of gymnastics.

Children at an Oxfam-supported community school in Zambia

The Treasurer of the Albino Association of Malawi is on his way home.

A meeting of the Albino Association of Malawi

Abine sits outside her house.


The Norman Foster-designed HSBC Hong Kong headquarters serve as a popular meeting point for hundreds of Filipino migrant domestic helpers.

Bethune House provides shelter and counselling for female migrant workers in need. Joceline left her abusive employers and came here after only ten days of working in Hong Kong.

A maid at the Chai Wan Methodist Centre keeps evidence of the abuse she received at the hands of her employers.

Domestic workers learn self-defence at the Bayanihan Center Tae Kwon Do class.

Catholic Mass on Sundays at the Bayanihan Centre, Hong Kong.

Cooking classes at the Bayanihan Centre.

Members of the Coalition for Migrants' Rights rehearse a theatrical performance before the International Labour Day demonstration.

The Bayanihan Centre offers classes in beauty therapy where eyebrows are plucked in a traditional way.

Maids earn extra income offering manicures during their Sundays off.

The streets and pavements of central Hong Kong are a regular Sunday hang-out for Filipino maids.

Father Joseph Maier clowns around with one of the street kids at the Human Development Foundation’s Mercy Centre, which he founded in Bangkok’s Klong Toey slum more than 40 years ago.

Father Joseph Maier spends time with children on the HIV ward of the Mercy Centre, Klong Toey slum, Bangkok.

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